Resume Critiques by a Professional in Human Resources

Who Writes the Most Successful Resume?

YOU!!!  A resume is the only part of the hiring process over which you have 100% control.  Take that control by appointing yourself head writer of your resume.  Does this mean I don’t think you should ask for help?  No.  In fact I know someone (namely me) who would be happy to review, edit and provide some well thought out suggestions to improve your current resume at a very economical rate.  However, you are the only person that can provide the necessary information to ensure your successful resume is original and highlights the unique skills you bring to a company.

My number one rule of writing a successful resume is DON’T LIE.  When you hire someone to write your resume, it lacks your personal style and flair.  If a professional writes something that looks amazing and may not be true.  It can be very tempting to leave it in.  Don’t do it.  HR professionals and hiring managers are looking for a reason to reject candidates.  If they see something that looks incorrect, or if something you mention in your preliminary interview contradicts your initial application, I imagine that there is a pretty good chance they will reject you.

I believe that pride in something comes from hard work.  Writing your own successful resume is hard work.  However, that work will pay off.  Not only will you have a fantastic document that you are proud of, the time that you devote to your resume allows you to start preparing for the interview.  Brushing up on your past employment history, highlighting key accomplishments, and aligning your past skills with your current employment goals all take place as you work to create an amazing resume.

Rules of resume writing are often subjective.  You can’t have a three page resume unless you have 15 years of experience.  You have to have a summary statement at the top.  Your education should be listed at the end.   I have consulted with many clients that tell me, “but that’s not what I was told earlier.”  There are a lot of opinions in resume writing and, I will admit, there are some hard and fast rules.  However, for every rule there are exceptions to that rule.   It’s important that your resume reflects your decisions and personality.  It is a snapshot of your knowledge, skills, experiences, and abilities.  Create your own work.  Consult the experts.  Edit your resume constantly.

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