Resume Critiques by a Professional in Human Resources

Where Does My Resume Go?

Paige is a certified HR professional and resume writer with a passion for helping her clients draft effective resumes that get results. Her resume critiques include examples and tips on how to improve a resume’s content, format, and grammar.

Where does my resume go after I hit submit? Do applicant tracking systems (ATS) reject you before a person has the chance to review your resume? Do HR professionals fail to look through every resume before they make hiring decisions? I hear these questions from my clients constantly. The good news is that there are some steps that you can take to ensure your resume has a better chance of being reviewed by the right person.

Read the Application Instructions

It’s very important to review through the job application instructions. You must submit your resume and cover letter using the method that the company instructs. Most companies will ask for an electronic submission either through their website or an email address. If they have an online application, please take the time to fill it out completely. Always send a PDF version of your resume to maintain format integrity. There is a small chance that the company may want you to mail your resume or drop it off in person. If that is the request, please follow instructions. An applicant who does not follow the application instructions can be immediately rejected.

It could prove beneficial to mail or email a copy of your resume to the hiring manager directly. This may help you stand out as a candidate. However, I always recommend submitting your application as instructed first. Additionally, let the hiring manager know that you did submit your application online, but wanted to follow up with additional copies sent directly to them.

What Happens with your Online Application?

After you submit your resume and application online, it will most likely appear on a list with the other interested candidates. The HR professional or hiring manager can easily scroll through the list of applicants and they will begin to keep or reject as appropriate. Most often, an HR professional will do the initial resume review and then forward on a select group to the hiring manager. Make sure that your application is attached to the correct job position to ensure consideration. List key words that relate to the job qualifications on your resume and application in case of any automated searches. It is not inappropriate to follow up and verify that your application was submitted correctly.

Update your Resume for Every Position you Pursue

Review all application materials prior to each submission. Make sure you have the correct job title and some key experiences highlighted in your resume and cover letter. Another easy way to get rejected is to list the incorrect job title in your cover letter or introductory email. Please personalize your application materials for each open position.

If you would like more information on how to enhance your resume and cover letter. Please order a resume critique today!