Resume Critiques by a Professional in Human Resources

Why do Numbers Matter in Your Resume?

Resumes that quantify accomplishments often get noticed by a hiring manager. Why do numbers matter in your resume? Integrating numbers into your job description and accomplishments allow a hiring manager to better understand your job history and any necessary context. It will show a prospective employer that you understand how your work contributes to their bottom line. Employers want to know that their business will improve if they hire you. Numbers on a resume are also easy to understand and absorb by the reader.

How do you implement numbers into your resume? If you work for a company that rates your performance utilizing metrics, this is an easy task. However, many careers aren’t assessed this way and that can make quantifying your accomplishments a challenge. I always ask my clients a couple of questions to start the brainstorming process: Did I receive any awards for my work? What goals did I track? Were there moments that I saved the company money? What changes did I make to make processes more efficient? What did I do that was above and beyond my requested job duties?

If you are currently employed in the job you are trying to add to your resume, I suggest maintaining a tracker for a period of time. You can record how many times you perform certain tasks. You can also jot down how those tasks relate to the company’s success. If it was a past job, maybe you can dig up old performance reviews or speak to a previous co-worker to help jog your memory. I always recommend that you update your resume on a quarterly basis so that you can remember all of your top accomplishments.

Let’s say that you don’t know exact numbers. That’s okay. You can utilize a range of numbers. For example, “followed up with 20-30 customers per day to solicit feedback on our service.” What if the number fluctuated? That’s okay too. You can utilize the phrase ‘up to.’ For example, “supervised up to 10 people.” It’s also effective to utilize a percentage such as, “improved employee retention on my team by 50%.” There are many ways to quantify and it’s important to figure out works best for your resume branding.

Numbers are an easy way to tell a story in your resume. They are a universal language that speaks to all employers. It also shows your prospective employer that you are aware of how your performance has affected their sales, efficiency, employee retention, customer satisfaction, or any other performance metric. If you need some help with ideas on how to enhance your resume click here to order a resume critique today!