Resume Critiques by a Professional in Human Resources

Is the Resume Outdated or Dead?

I love what I do.  However, there can be a lot of opinions surrounding the topic of resumes. What makes a great resume? What should or should not be in a resume? What tricks are there to getting your resume to the top of the stack?  Lately I’ve heard comments from friends, colleagues, and blog writers that the resume is no longer the best way to circulate your information to prospective employers.  Is this true? Is the resume outdated? Is it dead?

A simple Google search will show you multiple articles, blogs, and interviews stating that the resume is obsolete and no longer necessary.  These articles will claim that LinkedIn profiles, digital profiles, blogs, etc. are the new resume.  I will agree that these items, when used appropriately, can enhance your application materials.  There are some companies that require an electronic creative CV  to showcase an applicant’s talents and accomplishments.  However, I will not agree that the resume is dead.

First off, all major applicant tracking systems used by larger companies still utilize and require a resume.  Additionally, small businesses will require a resume via email or mail.  If you email them and say, “check out my blog for my qualifications,” that can appear, well….snotty. A well prepared resume with a link to your blog….genius!   You need a vehicle to deliver all of these fabulous online resources you have and that vehicle is the resume.

Job seeker’s application materials are changing.  Expectations of a resume are changing. The uprising of social media and accessibility to information has created access that simply wasn’t available in the past. Take control of your information.  Beef up your LinkedIn profiles. Privatize your Facebook. Be conscientious on Twitter. De-scandalize your Instagram. Google yourself for goodness sake.

However, in my humble opinion, the resume is still the best vehicle to communicate all of your information.  Not only is it the best, it’s the most widely accepted.  Say your crazy-cool website catches the attention of a manager hiring for your dream job.  Fantastic!  At the end of the day, chances are you will still be asked to submit your application through the Human Resources department and they will ask you for….wait for it…..a resume.  Don’t turn in the resume that you created right out of college.  Turn in a document that represents who you are and what you can do right now.

In fact, I can help you update your resume so it will not only include all of your online accomplishments, it will showcase them.  Contact me today to order a critique of your existing resume.

Paige Judnich, PHR, SHRM-CP is an HR Professional turned resume consultant.  Click here for more information on Paige.