Resume Critiques by a Professional in Human Resources

I Can Help Your Small Business Save Money

I can help your small business save money. In today’s work culture, job transition is a natural part of being an employee and a business owner. It’s hard when you have to say ‘goodbye’ to an employee. An employee can be terminated for cause, laid off, or just not a job fit. Resume critiques can help your small business minimize risk, save money, and maximize goodwill for an employee that leaves your company.

When an exiting employee utilizes outplacement services, it can help them transition to a new career quickly. Additionally, this quick transition can save on unemployment costs. It also offers a message of support and that can reduce the negative communication your previous employee offers to your community.

At, we provide your employee with a critique of their existing resume. My critiques include examples and tips for your exiting employees’ resume content, grammar, and formatting. At $150 per critique, they often prove to be an inexpensive solution for a small business owner interested in outplacement services.

I can save your business money by lowering risk, minimizing unemployment costs, and reduce the risk of negative publicity. It’s also a wonderful way to support your employee through the tough transition of changing jobs. Contact me today to get more information and order your critique.