Resume Critiques by a Professional in Human Resources


Who Writes the Most Successful Resume?

YOU!!!  A resume is the only part of the hiring process over which you have 100% control.  Take that control by appointing yourself head writer of your resume.  Does this mean I don’t think you should ask for help?  No.  In fact I know someone (namely me) who would be happy to review, edit and provide some well thought out suggestions to improve your current resume at a very economical rate.  However, Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons Why an HR Professional May Reject Your Resume

People always ask me what the exact formula is to submitting a resume that will stand out.  Well, there is no secret formula.  HR recruiters are people and people have preferences.  In the initial screening of applicants, HR Professionals are looking for a reason to reject your resume rather than a reason to move forward. For that reason, it is crucial to avoid these ten resume pitfalls. It may just strengthen your application to get to that next level.

  1. You attach a resume in a format that is not compatible with the employer’s software operating systemContinue reading